Weightlifting Makes Women Sexy

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There, I said it. If you are a woman and you pump iron, you’ll look sexier, not less sexy. There are better reasons than that to lift, but since women are afraid that lifting will make them look unsexy, let’s tackle that one straight on.

The Female Bodybuilder Myth

Women think that if they lift beyond Tracy Anderson’s idiotic three-pound limit, they’ll bulk up like some she-man monster. Forget it. Find a movie with the major heavyweight female bodybuilders and listen to their voices. They sound like men because they have more testosterone coursing through their veins than a drunken frat boy.

If you don’t want to look like them, don’t shoot up with anabolic steroids. Simple as that.

Muscle Is Sexy

Here’s a simple test to find out whether guys find fit, muscular women sexy. Go to a gym and watch as women enter. The attractive woman who is rail skinny and lives on the spinning bike for two hours every day will get a glance from the guys. Now watch when a woman who is reasonably attractive walks in and racks up the squat rack and does some squats. The gym stops, the guys goggle. The wheels slowly turn in their heads, figuring out how to sidle up and see if she might need a spot. Now, you may not want to attract the attention of men (tip: don’t dress in bikini-like sportswear). That’s fine. I’m just saying that fear of becoming unsexy is mostly driven by women, not by men.

Still don’t believe me? On the left is Miss Gwyneth and on the right is Jaime Eason, top fitness model, Bodybuilding.com spokeswoman, and hard-core gym rat who can no doubt outlift me.

Skinny actress: Not to take anything away, mind you…Jaime Eason: But Jaime looks okay considering all those weights she lifts

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that Gwyneth is unattractive, I’m just pointing out that some hardcore, iron-pumping women like Jaime Eason are both crazy strong and crazy attractive.

Weightlifting Adds Elegance

Most women who lift and don’t take anabolic steroids don’t have muscles bulging from their evening gown, but the trained eye will see the elegance beneath. The simple fact is that exercises like deadlifts and rows and core exercises will improve your posture and make you look more elegant and lady-like in an evening dress, not less elegant.

Attract a Better Class of Men

So let’s say that lifting hard does make you kind of muscly and super strong. And let’s say some men don’t find it attractive (though the men I know all do). Ask yourself this: would you rather be with a guy who admires strong women or one who fears them? Which one is going to encourage you in your other goals? Which one is going to sabotage your career if you start to earn more than him? So yes, some men may dislike women with muscles, but why would a woman with muscles ever like such a man?